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Forum for the Empowerment of Women
Our Work

Founded in 2002, FEW has been a forerunner in raising issues of violence affecting black lesbians both in the country in South Africa within the wider LGBTI movement and with the broader public.


FEW is continuously using cultural, social, and political initiatives, to provide a forum for black lesbian women to understand, feel comfortable with, and be able to express their identity.


FEW is continuously building capacity within a number of townships addressing concerns that arise within the social justice systems that includes education, corporate readiness, health  and lifestyle issues  

Our core work centres around empowering black lesbian through the engagements with authorities such as government, corporate, communities to address the concerns and interests of its constituency. 


Our Four Programmes

There has been a need to empower lesbians for corporate readiness. FEW has developed initiatives that are meant to support and empower lesbians.


·         Job readiness,

·         CV Writing classes

·         Linking entrepreneurs and job seekers

·         Proposal writing


·         Masterclasses of network hacks and skills


·         Self-Work (Awareness) workshops

·         Social media classes & challenges

·         Networking opportunities Mentorship programme coordination

Internship Programme 

Safe Space

FEW intends  to promote as safe for lesbians through initiatives that

• Lifestyle

- Group therapy discussions

- Family planning

- Same sex love, partnership and sex

Travel links and

recommendations within LGBTIQ friendly destinations and spaces

•Art programmes


We provide information with regards to

- Financial literacy and planning Legal assistance contact networks

- Sexual health



FEW conducts Criminal Justice System training for community groups.  We also engage in court monitoring of cases of violence against lesbians and ensuring that justice is served. 

- Reposition Soweto Pride

- Government Alliance

- Corporate Alliance